Book Chapter

Egyptosophy in the British Museum: Florence Farr, the Egyptian Adept and the Ka.

C Tully

In The Occult Imagination in Britain, 1875 - 1947 | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2017


"Egyptosophy" refers to "the study of an imaginary Egypt viewed as the profound source of all esoteric lore" and reflects the idea – prevalent since antiquity – that the ancient Egyptians were a race of mysterious sages. The academic discipline of Egyptology split from Egyptosophy in 1822 with Jean-Francois Champollion's decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. By identifying Mutemmenu as an "Egyptian Adept" equivalent to a Golden Dawn initiate of high degree, Florence Farr foregrounded the role of the priestess in modern Hermetic magic. Where Farr's encounter with Mutemmenu does echo the wider corpus of mummy fiction is in its occurrence in the British Museum, as museums are often the sett..

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