Conference Proceedings

Moving assembly line for low cost mass customised homes

F Paxton, L Aye, K Hui, Hing-wah Chau, Cynthia dos S Hentschke

Proceedings of ZEMCH International Conference | ZEMCH Network | Published : 2018


This paper explores the potential for a mass customised building volume applying lean based moving assembly line method. Past experience would suggest that the moving assembly line stems from a mass production, that reduces customisation through standardisation of processes. However, when combined with a seamless method of design to documentation up front, it is proposed that the moving assembly line could allow for mass customisation. In addition, lean practices suggest that refinements of processes are intrinsically linked to a repetitious assembly process used in producing a homogenous object. We seek to break these moulds and examine the potential for a lean moving assembly line to allow..

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