Conference Proceedings

A minimum viable product design of volumetric building modules

F Paxton, J Vu, K Hui, L Aye, Hing-wah Chau, Cynthia dos S Hentschke

Proceedings of the 7th ZEMCH International Conference | ZEMCH Network | Published : 2018


This paper explores the adaptation of an IBM approach to product development emphasising user experience and critical requirements. The potential of this approach to be applied to offsite building manufacture is identified. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has helped IBM validate key hypothesis about a product, thus increasing its probability of success, before completing its development. This paper attempts to answer the question of whether an MVP of manufactured building unit can aid cost awareness at early design phase of building and also facilitate a mass customisation. Since about 80% of a building’s cost is determined in the concept design phase and the frontend design of manufactured bui..

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