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Hybrid geothermal-gas and geothermal-solar-gas heating systems for poultry sheds

Y Zhou, O Mikhaylova, A Bidarmaghz, B Donovan, G Narsilio, L Aye

ZEMCH Network | Published : 2018


Poultry sheds have unique indoor air temperature requirements to raise poultries (chickens: broilers & layers, turkeys, ducks), which determine their unique heating and cooling demand cycles. In this paper, heating options of a typical chicken shed for broilers in Peats Ridge, NSW are investigated. The farming operation of this shed involves six heating and cooling cycles in one year, each cycle lasting for seven weeks. The thermal load for the first three weeks of the cycle is heating dominated, while the load for the rest of the cycle is cooling dominated. The chicken shed typically utilises evaporative coolers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heaters to maintain required indoor air tempe..

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