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High strength structural glass for walk-on photovoltaic modules

M Pathirana, N Lam, S Perera, L Zhang, E Gad, L Aye

Proceedings of Zero Energy Mass Custom Home 2018 | ZEMCH Network | Published : 2018


Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has a great potential to enable zero energy homes. To enable more surface areas without losing the other functionality work-on PV modules have been considered. These modules can be installed on platform walk ways and flat roof tops. To protect PV cells of a module, glass panels have been used for the transparent covering. Majorities of previous studies were mostly about investigating the amount of dust-deposition and transmittance ability of various coated and uncoated glazing panels. The load carrying capacity under work-on conditions has not been substantially investigated. This paper presents an experimental investigation of load carrying capacity of PV ..

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