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Insulin resistance in peripheral tissues after a burn injury.

R Thomas, N Aikawa, JF Burke

Surgery | Published : 1979


The glucose uptake of a perfused, skin-covered preparation of muscle taken from the rat was altered by prior burn injury to the animal. Animals receiving an 8% deep burn to the back 24 hours prior to testing had a glucose uptake (5.9 +/- 0.85 microM/100 gm/min) which was depressed compared with control nonburned preparations (8.4 +/- 0.34 microM/100 gm/min) (P less than 0.025) at low insulin concentration (35 microU/ml). Higher insulin concentrations (160 microU/ml and 16 microU/ml) produced significant increases in the glucose uptake of both the burned and control animals. At the highest insulin level (16 microU/ml), there was no significant difference between burned and control animals. Pr..

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