Journal article

The Value of Transgender Waria Affective Labor for Transnational Media Markets in Indonesia

B Hegarty

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly | Duke University Press | Published : 2017


The globalization of transgender and its relationship to human rights has been accompanied by increased media interest in those so identified around the world. In Indonesia, this mostly involves the representation of male-to-female transgender-identified waria. While most mass media representations do portray them in narrow terms as the victims of violence, this does not undermine the value of transgender for waria. Seeing interaction with mass media in economic terms, many waria charge money for interviews and other media appearances. This article describes how waria understand affective labor for transnational mass media markets. They do so in terms of the historically understood associati..

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Funding Acknowledgements

All translations from Indonesian to English are my own. Ethnographic research was conducted in Yogyakarta and Jakarta, Indonesia. The research was conducted with funds from the Prime Minister's Endeavour Scholarship for PhD research and the Australian National University. An enormous thanks to the generous comments offered by two anonymous reviewers and to special issue editors Vek Lewis and Dan Irving. I also offer gratitude to Ferdiansyah Thajib and Sandeep Nanwani, who kindly offered their thoughts on this article and the broader questions that it raises.