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Efficient adenovirus-mediated gene expression in malignant human plasma cells: relative lymphoid cell resistance.

HM Prince, S Dessureault, S Gallinger, M Krajden, DR Sutherland, C Addison, Y Zhang, FL Graham, AK Stewart

Experimental Hematology | Published : 1998


Although adenoviruses offer several potential advantages as gene transfer vectors, some hematopoietic cells, particularly lymphoid cells, are considered relatively resistant to adenovirus-mediated gene transfer. To examine the role of adenovirus-mediated gene transfer in the lymphoid malignancy multiple myeloma (MM), we used E1- and E3-deleted adenoviral vectors to infect myeloma and lymphoma cell lines and subsequently primary bone marrow plasma cells and lymphocytes from patients with MM. Adenoviral vectors expressing LacZ or luciferase (AdCA18) reporter genes were used initially. Subsequently, we studied adenoviral vectors expressing genes of potential value in therapeutic immunomodulatio..

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