Book Chapter

Cytokine Receptors and Their Ligands

U Dhagat, TL Nero, WL Kan, TR Hercus, SE Broughton, NA de Weerd, BJ Jenkins, A Mansell, MA Guthridge, PJ Hertzog, AF Lopez, MW Parker

Encyclopedia of Cell Biology | Published : 2016


Cytokines act through their membrane-bound receptors to transmit a variety of signals including cell survival, proliferation, differentiation, and functional activity. Cytokine receptors are a conserved family of about 40 members that includes the receptors for hormones, interleukins, interferons, and colony-stimulating factors. Abnormal cytokine levels or aberrations in their signaling pathways can lead to a variety of diseases including cancers and inflammatory conditions reflecting their importance in normal hematopoiesis and immunity. Determination of the three-dimensional atomic structures of cytokines and their receptors has provided detailed insights into how cytokines transmit biolog..

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