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Impacts of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature on Physicochemical and Nutrient Properties in Strawberries

HN Balasooriya, KB Dassanayake, B Tomkins, S Seneweera, S Ajlouni

The Scientific Pages of Horticulture | The Scientific Pages | Published : 2017


Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) is one of the most popular edible fruit worldwide. Strawberries are generally cultivated in open fields or under protected cropping, and are available all year round. Consumers prefer fruit with a bright red color, sweet taste, and distinct aroma. Over the past two decades, strawberry has shown one of the highest growth rates in terms of fresh fruit consumption. Such increment in consumer demand for strawberry could be attributed to its high nutrient content and perceived health benefits. Phenolic compounds and vitamins are the main antioxidants in the strawberry phytochemical profile. However, the predicted climate changes in the near future are expect..

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