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Parasol (P alpha) ganglion-cells of the primate fovea: immunocytochemical staining with antibodies against GABAA-receptors.

U Grünert, U Greferath, BB Boycott, H Wässle

Vision Res | Published : 1993


Retinae of macaque monkeys were immuno-stained with antibodies against GABAA-receptors. In peripheral retina most ganglion cells were immunoreactive. In central retina, around the fovea, staining in the ganglion cell layer was selective and only 5-8% of all ganglion cells were labelled: these had the largest cell bodies and their dendrites occupied a broad stratum in the middle of the inner plexiform layer. From comparison with Golgi-stained ganglion cells it is concluded that the entire population of parasol (P alpha)-cells at the fovea was labelled. The mosaic and sampling properties of parasol cells were determined by combining dendritic field measurements of Golgi-stained cells with thei..

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