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Natural killer cell function in adolescent and adult schizophrenic patients.

Franz Resch, G Paul Amminger, Harald Aschauer, Christian Müller, Christoph Zielinski

European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Published : 1993


The following study on natural immunology in schizophrenic patients aims at elucidating differential effects of psychopathological status and neuroleptic treatment. Natural killer (NK-) cell activity and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxity (ADCC) were tested in 24 adolescent schizophrenic patients and compared to 27 adult schizophrenics and healthy controls. Twelve adolescent patients were tested before and after 2 weeks on neuroleptic treatment. Age or psychopathological status did not have a significant impact on NK-activity or ADCC. There were no significant general effects resulting from neuroleptic treatment on NK-activity detectable in patients tested before and during treatment. Ho..

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