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Chronologic Analysis of Gross and Histologic Lesions Induced by Field Strains of FAdV-1, FAdV-8b, and FAdV-11 in Six-Week-Old Chickens

Penelope Steer-Cope, Jeanine Sandy, Denise O'Rourke, Peter Scott, Glenn Browning, Amir Noormohammadi



Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) is a disease affecting broiler chicken flocks worldwide. Several serotypes of fowl adenovirus (FAdV) have been implicated in disease outbreaks, with and without immunosuppression as a predisposing factor. IBH usually occurs in flocks up to 30 days of age; it is seldom seen in older birds. The objective of this study was to determine whether the pathogenicity for older birds of three FAdV field strains, belonging to serotypes 1, 8b, and 11, in the absence of immunosuppressive factors, was akin to that for younger birds, and to establish an effective and economical disease model for assessing cross-protection between serotypes. To achieve this objective, the gros..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was partly conducted within the Poultry Cooperative Research Centre, established and supported under the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Program. P.S.-C. was supported by scholarships from The University of Melbourne and the Poultry Cooperative Research Centre. We thank Garry Anderson for assistance with statistical analyses; Kylie Hewson, Anthony Chamings, and Mauricio Coppo for technical assistance; and Cheryl Colson, June Daly, and Jenece Wheeler for assistance with animal experiment procedures.