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Thrombopoietin in vitro and in vivo.

WS Alexander, CG Begley

Cytokines Cell Mol Ther | Published : 1998


The characterization of the c-Mpl receptor resulted from studies on a murine retrovirus, and proved an important step in the identification of a key hemopoietic regulator. First proposed and named in 1958, the ultimate characterization of the long-awaited 'thrombopoietin' (TPO) came with the molecular cloning and characterization of the in vitro and in vivo properties of the c-Mpl ligand. Gene targeting experiments have demonstrated that the TPO/Mpl receptor signalling pathway is the principal physiological regulator of megakaryocytes and platelets. Analysis of signalling through c-Mpl has provided important insights into the function of this pathway, which, as with other members of the hemo..

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