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Disruption of the ventricular myocardial force-frequency relationship after cardiac surgery in children: noninvasive assessment by means of tissue Doppler imaging.

Michael MH Cheung, Jeffrey F Smallhorn, Michael Vogel, Glen Van Arsdell, Andrew N Redington

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg | Published : 2006


OBJECTIVE: Impaired ventricular function after cardiopulmonary bypass and surgical repair remains a commonly encountered clinical problem. We hypothesized that the well-described impairment of calcium cycling after cardiac surgery would significantly affect the ventricular myocardial force-frequency relationship, which can be measured noninvasively by using the tissue Doppler echocardiography-derived index of contractility isovolumic acceleration. METHODS: Children undergoing repair of congenital heart defects were studied. Rate-related changes in contractility were measured by means of simultaneous atrial pacing and tissue Doppler echocardiography preoperatively and postoperatively. RESULTS..

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