Journal article

A comparative study of amoxapine and amitriptyline for depressive illness.

GD Burrows, TR Norman, BM Davies

Aust Fam Physician | Published : 1980


Two groups of depressed patients were treated with either amoxapine (up to 300 mg/day; n=8) or amitriptyline (up to 300 mg/day; n=8) and the antidepressant effects of both treatments compared during a four-week period. Both drugs were effective antidepressants as assessed by the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, Beck Depression Inventory and Clinical Global Impression. No significant difference between the two drug treatments was observed. Amoxapine, when administered in doses of up to 300 mg/day, is an effective antidepressant. There was difficulty in obtaining a sufficient sample size for this trial. A need for more general practitioner studies is desirable and warranted.

University of Melbourne Researchers