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HIV-1 vaccine development: tackling virus diversity with a multi-envelope cocktail.

Julia L Hurwitz, Xiaoyan Zhan, Scott A Brown, Mattia Bonsignori, John Stambas, Timothy D Lockey, Robert Sealy, Sherri Surman, Pam Freiden, Bart Jones, Louis Martin, James Blanchard, Karen S Slobod

Front Biosci | Published : 2008


A major obstacle to the design of a global HIV-1 vaccine is viral diversity. At present, data suggest that a vaccine comprising a single antigen will fail to generate broadly reactive B-cell and T-cell responses able to confer protection against the diverse isolates of HIV-1. While some B-cell and T-cell epitopes lie within the more conserved regions of HIV-1 proteins, many are localized to variable regions and differ from one virus to the next. Neutralizing B-cell responses may vary toward viruses with different i) antibody contact residues and/or ii) protein conformations while T-cell responses may vary toward viruses with different (i) T-cell receptor contact residues and/or (ii) amino ac..

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