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Detection and localization of surgically resectable cancers with a multi-analyte blood test

Joshua D Cohen, Lu Li, Yuxuan Wang, Christopher Thoburn, Bahman Afsari, Ludmila Danilova, Christopher Douville, Ammar A Javed, Fay Wong, Austin Mattox, Ralph H Hruban, Christopher L Wolfgang, Michael G Goggins, Marco Dal Molin, Tian-Li Wang, Richard Roden, Alison P Klein, Janine Ptak, Lisa Dobbyn, Joy Schaefer Show all

Science | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2018


Awarded by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Awarded by National Institutes of Health

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank our patients for their courage and generosity. We are grateful to C. Blair and K. Judge for expert technical and administrative assistance. We thank H. Ren, J. Olson, M. Hathcok, H. Zeh, A. Singhi, S. Crippa, M. Ryan, and L. Ryan for their assistance with this study. This work was supported by the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research; The Virginia and D. K. Ludwig Fund for Cancer Research; The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation; The Commonwealth Fund; The John Templeton Foundation; the Clinomics Program; Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine; the Mayo Clinic Biobank; The Sol Goldman Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research; The Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation; The Benjamin Baker Scholarship; The Gray Foundation; S. Wojcicki and D. Troper; The Marcus Foundation; The Honorable Tina Brozman Foundation; The Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Medical Scientists; The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (2014107); and National Institutes of Health grants P50-CA62924, P50-CA102701, CA06973, CA152753, GM-07309, U01CA200469, and U01CA152753. N.P., S.Z., K.W.K., L.D., and B.V. are founders of Personal Genome Diagnostics and PapGene. B.V. and K.W.K are on the Scientific Advisory Board of SysmexInostics. B.V. is also on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Exelixis GP. R.H.H. is on the Board of Directors of MiDiagnostics. These companies and others have licensed technologies from Johns Hopkins, and N.P., K.W.K., L.D., B.V, and R.H.H. receive equity or royalties from these licenses. The terms of these arrangements are being managed by Johns Hopkins University in accordance with its conflict of interest policies. L.D. is on the Board of Directors of Jounce Therapeutics and is a Scientific Advisor for Genocea, Cell Design Labs, and Merck. A.S.M. is a consultant for Abbvie, Genentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Trovagene. B.V., N.P., and K.W.K. are inventors on a patent (U.S. 20140227705 A1) held by Johns Hopkins University that covers basic aspects of the SafeSeqS technology used in this paper. B.V., K.W.K., N.P., J.D.C., C.T., and A.M.L. are inventors on a patent application to be submitted by Johns Hopkins University that covers other aspects of SafeSeqS as well as the multi-analyte approach described in this paper. All data needed to evaluate the conclusions in the paper are present in the paper and/or the supplementary materials. Contact C.T. for questions about the algorithms; A.M.L. for questions about clinically related issues; K.W.K about the sequencing analyses; B.V. about experimental procedures; and N.P. about the overall design of the study.