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Gender issues in HCI design for web access

S Boiano, A Borda, JP Bowen, X Faulkner, G Gaia, S McDaid

Advances in Universal Web Design and Evaluation: Research, Trends and Opportunities | Published : 2006


We consider the design and provision of Web sites, with respect to gender issues, from various perspectives. A general view of the field is given, and educational issues are specifically considered in relation to gender differences in the use of IT as an effective educational aid, especially by children. Human-computer interaction (HCI) models at different levels of abstraction are presented, together with how gender issues could impinge at each of these levels. A number of examples, both from the commercial and cultural fields, are discussed as design case studies of home pages for Web sites that exhibit gender-related orientation. Finally, look ing to the future, online gaming is discussed..

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