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In vitro mechanical testing of an alternate laryngoplasty system (ALPS) for horses.

Benjamin J Ahern, Raymond C Boston, Eric J Parente

Vet Surg | Published : 2012


OBJECTIVE: Mechanical evaluation of a novel alternate laryngoplasty system (ALPS). STUDY DESIGN: Experimental. ANIMAL POPULATION: Cadaveric horse larynges (n = 10). METHODS: Arytenoid and cricoid cartilages were embedded for testing. A novel laryngoplasty system consisting of a metallic anchor, 2 stands of #2 suture material, and a metallic button were evaluated. A traditional laryngoplasty using a single strand of #5 Ethibond was evaluated in parallel. Constructs were evaluated in cyclic testing oscillating from 30 to 50 N for 3600 cycles. Constructs subsequently underwent a single cycle to failure. Distraction during cyclic testing was recorded. Load at failure and stiffness were calculate..

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