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Passive transfer of immune serum reduces the L1/adult ratio of worms recovered from the intestines of Strongyloides stercoralis-infected gerbils.

F Thompson, TJ Nolan, VM Bhopale, R Boston, GA Schad

The Journal of Parasitology | Published : 1997


In Strongyloides stercoralis-infected gerbils it had been observed previously that the ratio of first-stage larvae to adult worms decreases after 3 wk of infection. Serum obtained from gerbils after this decrease in fecundity, but before worms were expelled, was transferred passively to other infected gerbils during the peak of worm fecundity. The immune serum caused a significant decrease in the L1/adult ratio but had no effect on the number of uterine eggs, the length, or the intestinal and ovarian ultrastructure of adult worms. Apparently a factor(s) in the immune serum either killed eggs, after oviposition, or the hatched larvae, without damaging the adult worms.

University of Melbourne Researchers