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Quantitative ischemia detection during cardiac magnetic resonance stress testing by use of FastHARP.

Dara L Kraitchman, Smita Sampath, Ernesto Castillo, John A Derbyshire, Raymond C Boston, David A Bluemke, Bernhard L Gerber, Jerry L Prince, Nael F Osman

Circulation | Published : 2003


BACKGROUND: Because ECG alterations caused by ischemia cannot be reliably detected in the high-field MRI environment, detection of wall motion abnormalities is often used to ensure patient safety during stress testing. However, an experienced observer is needed to detect these abnormalities. In this study, we investigate the use of fast harmonic phase (FastHARP) MRI for the quantitative, operator-independent detection of the onset of ischemia during acute coronary occlusion. METHODS AND RESULTS: Eight mongrel dogs underwent an acute 2-minute closed-chest coronary artery occlusion while continuous FastHARP images were acquired. Full regional wall strain was determined every other heartbeat in..

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