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Vertical migration by the infective larvae of three species of parasitic nematodes: is the behaviour really a response to gravity?

J Sciacca, A Ketschek, WM Forbes, R Boston, J Guerrero, FT Ashton, HR Gamble, GA Schad

Parasitology | Published : 2002


Vertical migration by infective larvae (L3) of 3 species of nematodes was investigated. Upright truncated agarose cones were used to test upward migration, and comparable truncated cone-shaped agarose hollows were used to test downward migration. Flat agarose plates were control surfaces. When placed at the bases of upright cones, 74% of Ancylostoma caninum L3 migrated up, whereas only 16.5% migrated down the indented cones; this latter value was not significantly different from larval migration on flat plates. Strongyloides stercoralis L3 also migrated upward in significant numbers (80%). These larvae also failed to migrate downward under normal conditions. However, when the bottoms of the ..

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