Book Chapter

Creativity and the Blues: A Compositional Philosophy

J Selleck

Perspectives on Artistic Research in Music | Lexington Books | Published : 2017


ln his book True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art, Chogyam Trungpa devotes an entire chapter to "Art in Everyday Life." To be an artist, he argues, is "to behave as an inspired human being." Such a person possesses a keen appreciation for everyday life and through this finds her/himself "surrounded by all kinds of ways of expressing artistic talent." (Trungpa 1996, 25). Trungpa's words resonate strongly, as it has become increasingly important for me to understand my work as a composer, performer, and researcher within the context of everyday life. Over time, the vital aspects of my personal life and work as a musician have converged in ways that enhance my creative output and help me to m..

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