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Novel Authentication Scheme with Pseudorandom Sequences in the Frequency Domain of Images

Patrick Vicky, Udaya Parampalli

IEEE | Published : 2017


In this paper, we introduce a novel message hiding scheme for the purpose of authentication inside images. The hiding process is performed by means of insertion in the frequency domain of Discrete Cosine Transform. By employing a type of sequences with well-defined, low cross-correlation values to encode information, we were able to embed messages inside images. Furthermore, it is also possible to verify the existence of hidden content, given knowledge of the correct sequences. To achieve a good balance between robustness and imperceptibility, the middle frequency region in Transform domain is selected. It is shown that, without knowing full parameters of sequences generation, it would be ve..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council's Discovery

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is supported by Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship. The work of U. Parampalli is supported in part by Australian Research Council's Discovery grant DP150104473, the University of Melbourne's 2014 International Research and Research Training Fund (IRRTF).