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Osteogenic capacity of collagen in repair of established periodontal defects.

G Ellender, R Hammond, R Papli, K Mitrangas, JF Bateman, V Glattauer, JM Thyer, JA Werkmeister, JA Ramshaw

Biomaterials | Published : 1992


Periodontal bone defects were established in four dogs, with one proximal lesion and one furcation lesion in each quadrant. These defects were treated with the implantation of collagen membranes, collagen sponge or a combination of membrane and sponge, inserted between the mucoperiosteal flaps and the bone defects. Control sites were treated in a similar surgical manner to the experimental sites, but no collagen was inserted. Substantial amounts of new bone formed in those cases treated with the collagen products, especially those treated with the membrane either with or without the sponge. The membranes limited the infiltration of small round cells, whereas in the control sites, inflamm..

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