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Nirdizati: A web-based tool for predictive process monitoring

C Ghidini, FM Maggi, M La Rosa, S Raboczi

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2017


This paper introduces Nirdizati: A web-based application for generating predictions about running cases of a business process. Nirdizati is a configurable full-stack web application that supports users in selecting and tuning prediction methods from a list of implemented algorithms and enables the continuous prediction of various performance indicators at runtime. The tool can be used to predict the outcome, the next events, the remaining time, or the overall workload per day of each case of a process. For example, in a lead-To-order process, Nirdizati can predict which customer leads will convert to purchase orders and when. In a claim handling process, it can predict if a claim decision wi..

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