Book Chapter

Educating future teachers: Insights, conclusions and challenges

A Ambrosetti, R Capeness, J Kriewaldt, D Rorrison

Educating Future Teachers: Innovative Perspectives in Professional Experience | Springer Singapore | Published : 2017


The area of professional experience was chosen as the focus of this volume as it is broadly acknowledged as a critical component of learning to teach (Darling-Hammond, 2010; White, Bloomfield, & Le Cornu, 2010). Yet university knowledge is often privileged over practice-based learning. Concerns abound that there is a disconnection between what preservice teachers learn in university-based settings and what they learn and enact in school-based settings, which has led to a call for a ‘practicum turn’ in initial teacher education. This important turn is marked by new arrangements that can genuinely strengthen the preparation of teachers.