Book Chapter

Why do we find Bohr obscure? Reading Bohr as a philosopher of experiment

K Camilleri, J Faye, H Folse

Niels Bohr and the Philosophy of Physics: Twenty-First Century Perspectives | Bloomsbury Academic | Published : 2017


Niels Bohr's philosophical view of quantum mechanics has been the subject of extensive scholarship for the better part of five decades. Yet Bohr’s writings have remained obscure, as evidenced by the variety of different scholarly interpretations of his work. In this chapter, I review the historiography of Bohr scholarship, arguing that his meaning has remained elusive because his central preoccupations lay not so much with an interpretation of the quantum-mechanical formalism, which many commentators see as the problem of quantum theory, but rather with the epistemological question of how we can acquire empirical knowledge of quantum objects by means of experiment. Bohr’s doctrine of classic..

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