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Tissue-Dependent Tumor Microenvironments and Their impact on immunotherapy Responses

Amanda J Oliver, Peter KH Lau, Ashleigh S Unsworth, Sherene Loi, Phillip K Darcy, Michael H Kershaw, Clare Y Slaney



Recent advances in cancer immunology have led to a better understanding of the role of the tumor microenvironment (TME) in tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis. Tumors can occur at many locations within the body and coevolution between malignant tumor cells and non-malignant cells sculpts the TME at these sites. It has become increasingly clear that there are specific differences of the TMEs at different anatomical locations, and these tissue-specific TMEs regulate tumor growth, determine metastatic progression, and impact on the outcome of therapy responses. Herein, we review the scientific advances in understanding tissue-specific TMEs, discuss their impact on immunotherapeutic re..

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Awarded by Cure Cancer Australia

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by grants from Cure Cancer Australia (1100199), the Cancer Council of Victoria, Australia (1066554), the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center Foundation, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia (1103352), and Susan G. Komen (376637). PD and MK were supported by NHMRC Senior Research Fellowships. CS was supported by a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia. AO, AU, and PL were supported by Australian Postgraduate Awards.