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BPMN miner 2.0: Discovering hierarchical and block-structured BPMN process models

R Conforti, A Augusto, ML Rosa, M Dumas, L García-Bañuelos

CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Published : 2016


Copyright © 2016 for this paper by its authors. We present BPMN Miner 2.0: a tool that extracts hierarchical and block-structured BPMN process models from event logs. Given an event log in XES format, the tool partitions it into sub-logs (one per subprocess) and discovers a BPMN process model from each sub-log using existing techniques for discovering BPMN process models via heuristics nets or Petri nets. A drawback of these techniques is that they often produce spaghetti-like models and in some cases unsound models. Accordingly, BPMN Miner 2.0 applies post-processing steps to remove unsound constructions as well as a technique to block-structrure the resulting process models in a behavior-p..

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