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The Bipolarity of Affect and Depressive Symptoms

Egon Dejonckheere, Merijn Mestdagh, Marlies Houben, Yasemin Erbas, Madeline Pe, Peter Koval, Annette Brose, Brock Bastian, Peter Kuppens



People differ in the extent to which they experience positive (PA) and negative affect (NA) rather independently or as bipolar opposites. Here, we examine the proposition that the nature of the relation between positive and negative affect in a person's emotional experience is indicative of psychological well-being, in particular the experience of depressive symptoms, typically characterized by diminished positive affect (anhedonia) and increased negative affect (depressed mood). In three experience sampling studies, we examine how positive and negative affective states are related within people's emotional experience in daily life and how the degree of bipolarity of this relation is associa..

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Awarded by Research Fund of KU Leuven

Awarded by Interuniversity Attraction Poles program - Belgian government

Awarded by Australian Research Council Discovery grant

Funding Acknowledgements

The research leading to the results reported in this article was supported by the Research Fund of KU Leuven (GOA/15/003; OT/11/031), by the Interuniversity Attraction Poles program financed by the Belgian government (IAP/P7/06), and by the Australian Research Council Discovery grant awarded to Brock Bastian and Peter Kuppens (DP140103757). E. Dejonckheere and P. Kuppens contributed to the study concept. M. Houben, Y. Erbas, M. Pe, P. Koval, B. Bastian, and P. Kuppens conceptualized the experience sampling studies and provided the data for the present study. E. Dejonckheere and M. Mestdagh analyzed the data and interpreted the results under supervision of P. Kuppens. E. Dejonckheere drafted the article, and P. Kuppens, P. Koval, and A. Brose critically revised the article. All authors approved the final version of the article for submission. The authors declare no conflict of interest with respect to the authorship or the publication of this article.