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Service-Dominant Logic and Information Systems Research: A Review and Analysis Using Topic Modeling

L Brust, D Antons, CF Breidbach, TO Salge

ICIS 2017: Transforming Society with Digital Innovation | Association for Information Systems | Published : 2018


Since its introduction 2004, Service-dominant (SD) logic attracted interest from IS scholars, who increasingly draw on this meta-theoretical lens for their inquiries. This is unsurprising because SD logic provides the necessary vocabulary and assumptions to develop new theoretical insights about service systems, their configurations, and interactions. However, the proliferation of SD logic at large, and its impact within IS research remain underexplored. This makes it difficult to guide future inquiries related to service within IS, or help advance managerial practice. Our present work aims to address this gap in knowledge by using topic modeling to map the evolution of SD logic research fro..

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