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Understanding surface water–groundwater interactions for managing large irrigation schemes in the multi-country Fergana valley, Central Asia

M Ibrakhimov, UK Awan, B George, UW Liaqat

Agricultural Water Management | Published : 2018


Traditionally, surface water supplies are the sole sources to satisfy crop water requirements in large irrigation schemes such as those in the Fergana Valley, Central Asia. Recent studies indicate that 23–30% of these requirements are met from shallow groundwater, but this is not usually quantified. To manage favorable groundwater levels – i.e., without increasing soil salinity and nutrient leaching and reducing crop yields – information on, and quantification of, groundwater recharge and discharge rates at large spatial and temporal scales, as well as understanding their mechanisms of interaction, is indispensable. With the aim to quantify groundwater recharge, discharge and their interacti..

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