Journal article

Reference Abstract Domains and Applications to String Analysis

Roberto Amadini, Graeme Gange, Francois Gauthier, Alexander Jordan, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard, Peter J Stuckey, Chenyi Zhang

Fundamenta Informaticae | IOS Press | Published : 2018


Abstract interpretation is a well established theory that supports reasoning about the run-time behaviour of programs. It achieves tractable reasoning by considering abstractions of run-time states, rather than the states themselves. The chosen set of abstractions is referred to as the abstract domain. We develop a novel framework for combining (a possibly large number of) abstract domains. It achieves the effect of the so-called reduced product without requiring a quadratic number of functions to translate information among abstract domains. A central notion is a reference domain, a medium for information exchange. Our approach suggests a novel and simpler way to manage the integration of l..

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