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Galectin-3 modulates T cell activity and is reduced in the inflamed intestinal epithelium in IBD.

Stefan Müller, Thomas Schaffer, Beatrice Flogerzi, Andrew Fleetwood, Rosemarie Weimann, Alain M Schoepfer, Frank Seibold

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases | Published : 2006


BACKGROUND: Galectins are involved at different stages in inflammation. Galectin-3, although mostly described as proinflammatory, can also act as an immunomodulator by inducing apoptosis in T cells. The present study aims to determine galectin-3 expression in the normal and inflamed intestinal mucosa and to define its role in T cell activity. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Galectin-3 was detected by quantitative polymerase chain reaction with total RNA from endoscopic biopsies and by immunohistochemistry. Biopsies and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were stimulated in vitro and were used to assess the functional consequences of inhibition or exogenous addition of galectin-3. RESULTS: Galec..

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