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Clinical relevance of in vitro propagation of activated lymphocytes from endomyocardial biopsy samples of pediatric heart transplant recipients.

SA Webber, C Bentlejewski, A Park, FJ Fricker, C Griffith, GJ Boyle, SA Miller, S Pham, S Murali, BP Griffith, R Duquesnoy, A Zeevi

Pediatr Transplant | Published : 1998


In vivo activated T-lymphocytes can be cultured from endomyocardial biopsy samples of human cardiac allografts, sometimes even in the absence of histological rejection. We investigated the clinical relevance of this "lymphocyte growth assay" in pediatric heart transplant recipients. Specifically, we wished to determine if: (i) positive lymphocyte growth from EMB samples in the absence of significant rejection identifies a patient as being at increased risk for the development of acute rejection; (ii) withdrawal or major dose reduction of corticosteroids in the presence of lymphocyte growth results in high risk of rebound rejection; and (iii) presence of lymphocyte growth during acute rejecti..

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