Book Chapter

Interrogating representations and misrepresentations of violence: The contested identities of generation 1.5 somalis in Melbourne

E Lakey

Representing Communities, Discourse and Contexts | Published : 2017


Most Somalis aged between 18 and 30 living in Melbourne were born either in Somalia or en route to another country. These Generation 1.5ers are described as being “caught in the middle” of two cultures. This chapter investigates the portrayal of young Somali Australians as violent in both the academic literature and the popular media, and takes into account their own reflections on this misrepresentation. The representation of Generation 1.5 as prone to violence appears in conflict with their actual expression of identity; this generation of Somalis seems no more likely to engage in violent behaviour than the average Australian of the same age. However, when violence does occur, it is subjec..

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