Journal article

"Fetal breathing" and the development of patterns of respiration before birth.

JE Maloney, G Bowes, M Wilkinson

Sleep | Published : 1980


It is now well established that the fetal diaphragm is active in utero (Maloney et al., 1975; Bowes et al., in press) and that this activity results from the neural outflow of a central respiratory rhythm generator. Circumstantial evidence which supports this concept is that the electrical activity of the diaphragm correlates well with phrenic nerve activity and with the firing of both phrenic and medullary inspiratory motor neurons (Bahoric and Chernick, 1975; Bystrzycka et al., 1975). Advances in this area of biomedical research have followed largely from the development of fetal lamb preparations, which can now be monitored in the unanesthetized state in utero for periods of at least 7 we..

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