Conference Proceedings

Thematic Analysis of Qualitative Data Using Diverse yet Complementary Approaches

L Dawborn-Gundlach, J Pesina

Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education | Deakin University Press | Published : 2015


This paper explores two different but complementary methods of thematic analysis to code interview data and survey questionnaire responses. The first approach represents the traditional ‘by hand’ identification of common themes. The second approach utilises the software tool QSR NVivo. The strength of this as a process lies in the triangulation of the two methods, providing enhanced identification and validation of the emerging significant themes.

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors appreciate the support of the ReMSTEP program, Dermot Henry, Manager of Natural Science Collections and Priscilla Gaff, Program Coordinator Life Science from Museum Victoria and our colleagues from Deakin University.