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Identifying the interacting roles of stressors in driving the global loss of canopy-forming to mat-forming algae in marine ecosystems

Elisabeth MA Strain, Russell J Thomson, Fiorenza Micheli, Francesco P Mancuso, Laura Airoldi



Identifying the type and strength of interactions between local anthropogenic and other stressors can help to set achievable management targets for degraded marine ecosystems and support their resilience by identifying local actions. We undertook a meta-analysis, using data from 118 studies to test the hypothesis that ongoing global declines in the dominant habitat along temperate rocky coastlines, forests of canopy-forming algae and/or their replacement by mat-forming algae are driven by the nonadditive interactions between local anthropogenic stressors that can be addressed through management actions (fishing, heavy metal pollution, nutrient enrichment and high sediment loads) and other st..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Dr Joachim Claudet for his advice and helpful course on meta-analysis. We also thank Dr Stefanie Broszeit, Dr Filippo Ferrrario and Joanne Wong for their advice, useful comments and help in improving earlier drafts of the manuscript. This study was supported by funds from the project TETRIS (Observing, modelling and testing synergies and trade-offs for the adaptive management of multiple impacts in coastal systems, Prin 2010-2011, MIUR). LA was also supported by a Fulbright Fellowship.