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The potential of trait-based approaches to contribute to marine conservation

Rick D Stuart-Smith, Amanda E Bates, Jonathan S Lefcheck, J Emmett Duffy, Susan C Baker, Russell J Thomson, Jemina F Stuart-Smith, Nicole A Hill, Stuart J Kininmonth, Laura Airoldi, Mikel A Becerro, Stuart J Campbell, Terence P Dawson, Sergio A Navarrete, German Soler, Elisabeth MA Strain, Trevor J Willis, Graham J Edgar



The value of diversity metrics to represent ecological communities and inform broad-scale conservation objectives and policy has often been subject to debate and uncertainty [1,2]. In practice, diversity metrics are important in setting management and conservation priorities, just as economic indices contribute to global monetary and financial policies. Thus, key challenges for ecologists are to identify new ways to view and summarise patterns in biodiversity and improve on the metrics available for management purposes. In a recent paper on functional diversity patterns in reef fishes [3], we highlighted the potential of new insights gained from functional trait-based approaches to inform ma..

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