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Food product health warnings promote dietary self-control through reductions in neural signals indexing food cue reactivity

C Murawski, S Bode, DH Rosenblatt, P Summerell, A Ng, H Dixon, M Wakefield

NeuroImage: Clinical | Elsevier | Published : 2018


Modern societies are replete with palatable food cues. A growing body of evidence suggests that food cue exposure activates conditioned appetitive physiological and psychological responses that may override current metabolic needs and existing eating goals, such as the desire to maintain a healthy diet. This conditioned response results in unhealthy dietary choices and is a contributing factor in the current obesity epidemic. Prime based obesity prevention measures such as health warnings at point-of-sale or on product packaging may have the potential to counteract the influence of the obesogenic environment at the crucial moment when people make food purchasing or consumption decisions. Exi..

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