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Exploring the Digital Hinterlands: Internet Practices Surrounding the Pursuit of "Offline" Hobbies

M Rogerson, M Gibbs, M Smith

Selected Papers of Internet Research (SPIR) | Association of Internet Researchers | Published : 2017


The practice of boardgaming is thoroughly material, with abundant pawns, cubes, cards, dice, tiles and other game components contained within the box. However, this rich material engagement is surrounded by a “digital hinterland” of online practices that sits behind and frames the way that boardgamers experience games and gaming. Although boardgames are, increasingly, playable in digital form, in this paper we focus on the digital practices that surround offline play but are not themselves play. Using the example of, we demonstrate that these practices provide an environment for knowledge-sharing, collaboration and co-operation in which participants accrue a form of gaming ..

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