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Ciguatera and mannitol: experience with a new treatment regimen.

JH Pearn, RJ Lewis, T Ruff, M Tait, J Quinn, W Murtha, G King, A Mallett, NC Gillespie

Med J Aust | Published : 1989


Ciguatera is a distressing, hitherto-untreatable and not rare disease which results from the eating of ciguatoxin-contaminated fish from tropical and subtropical waters. We report here the results of a pilot study to assess the efficacy of mannitol therapy in ciguatera poisoning. Twelve adult patients (six men) have been treated, five of whom--who were ill acutely--experienced a significant benefit from this therapy, in three cases, with a hitherto-unexperienced dramatic reversal of symptoms. We conclude that an intravenous infusion of 1.0 g/kg of mannitol which is given over 45 minutes, after rehydration if required, can be of significant benefit to at least some acutely intoxicated victims..

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