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JNK/SAPK activity is not sufficient for anticancer therapy-induced apoptosis involving CD95-L, TRAIL and TNF-alpha.

I Herr, D Wilhelm, T Böhler, P Angel, KM Debatin

International Journal of Cancer | Published : 1999


We report here that stress stimuli such as gamma-irradiation or the anticancer drug doxorubicin activate expression of the death-inducing ligands (DILs) CD95-L, TNF-alpha and TRAIL. Apoptosis induced by gamma-irradiation or doxorubicin engages a FADD- and caspase-dependent apoptosis pathway which is inhibited by dominant negative FADD or the caspase inhibitor zVAD. zVAD did not prevent activity of JNK/SAPKs in response to doxorubicin suggesting that JNK/SAPK activity is independent of death receptor triggering during cellular stress-induced apoptosis. In addition, JNK/SAPKs remained activated by doxorubicin in resistant cell lines in which cleavage of caspases and apoptosis was not observed...

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