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The smoking-mortality association varies over time and by ethnicity in New Zealand.

Darren Hunt, Tony Blakely, Alistair Woodward, Nick Wilson

Int J Epidemiol | Published : 2005


BACKGROUND: The strength of the smoking-mortality association may vary over time and by ethnic group. METHODS: Cohort studies of 1.6 million (1981-84) and 1.9 million (1996-99) New Zealanders aged 25-74 years were formed by the linkage of census and mortality data. Comparing current smokers with never smokers, standardized rate ratios (RRs) and rate differences (RDs) were calculated for all-cause and ischaemic heart disease (IHD) mortality. RESULTS: Between 1981-84 and 1996-99 the all-cause mortality RR increased from 1.59 (95% CI 1.53-1.66) to 2.05 (1.97-2.14) for men and from 1.49 (1.42-1.56) to 2.01 (1.91-2.12) for women. All-cause RRs were significantly greater among non-Ma-ori non-Pacif..

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