Journal article

How much downside? Quantifying the relative harm from tobacco taxation.

N Wilson, G Thomson, M Tobias, T Blakely

J Epidemiol Community Health | Published : 2004


OBJECTIVE: To estimate the loss of life expectancy attributable to tobacco taxation (via financial hardship and flow-on health effect) in New Zealand. DESIGN: Data were used on the gradients in life expectancy and smoking by neighbourhood socioeconomic deprivation and survey data on tobacco expenditure. Three estimates were modelled of the percentage of the crude association of neighbourhood deprivation with life expectancy that might be mediated via financial hardship: 100%, 50%, and 25% (best estimate). From this information the impact of tobacco taxation on life expectancy was estimated. MAIN RESULTS: For the total population, the estimated loss of life expectancy due to tobacco tax range..

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