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The New Zealand Socio-economic Index of Occupational Status: methodological revision and imputation for missing data.

Peter Davis, Gabrielle Jenkin, Pat Coope, Tony Blakely, Andrew Sporle, Cindy Kiro

Aust N Z J Public Health | Published : 2004


OBJECTIVES: To revise and update the New Zealand Socio-economic Index (NZSEI) in the light of methodological issues in its construction, and to develop an imputation method for use where occupational information is not available. METHODS: Data were drawn from the following New Zealand national surveys: 1996 Population Census; 1996/97 and 1997/98 Household Economic Surveys; 1996/97 Household Health Survey. Three sets of statistical analyses were applied: alternating least squares to generate socio-economic scores; cluster and discriminant function analyses to identify cut-points; and regression and logistic regression to develop and test imputation methods. RESULTS: Socio-economic scores for ..

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