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A comparison of some simple methods used to detect unstable temperature responses in tree-ring chronologies

KJ Allen, R Villalba, A Lavergne, JG Palmer, EC Cook, P Fenwick, DM Drew, CSM Turney, PJ Baker

Dendrochronologia | Elsevier | Published : 2018


Temporal stability of the relationship between a potential proxy climate record and the climate record itself is the foundation of palaeoproxy reconstructions of past climate variability. Dendroclimatologists have spent considerable effort exploring the issue of temporal instability of temperature records at high-latitude and −altitude Northern Hemisphere sites. Much of this work has focused on the Divergence Problem in which the modern ends of tree-ring chronologies exhibit pronounced departures from the climate-proxy relationships of preceding decades. However, there has been little scrutiny of how different methods might influence determinations of temporal instability at either the local..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Herman-Slade Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

Australian tree-ring data for this study were obtained under permits issues by Parks Tasmania. Rob Evans and Michael Goddard were instrumental in obtaining the cell wall thickness data from Silviscan3. This research was funded by Australian Research Council grants DP120104320 to PJB, ERC, and JGP and FT 12010715 to PJB. David Drew received funding from the Herman-Slade Foundation (HS 09/5). Lamont-Doherty contribution no. XXXX. Data for the four sites examined here are, or will become available very shortly, at the International Tree-Ring Databank (ITRDB). We also thank the anonymous reviewers whose comments have helped to significantly improve this work.